Nature Sorting Leaves and Rocks

          Collect several different types of leaves in a variety of sizes (check for allergies prior to using any nature activity with children) and a variety of rocks, large and small.  Provide trays or box lids to keep the nature activity together.  Invite the children to group similar leaves together and the same with the rocks. …

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Splash ‘n’ Grab

          Use the water from your boat-building game.  Anything that floats will work as game pieces.  Ping pong balls, fun foam, or slices of foam cups work well.  Splurge on a set of preschool chunky foam  letters that stick on the tub wall for bath time.  Float the entire alphabet in the water.  Make a set…

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Crossing the Red Sea 3D

          Object: Make 3D cards depicting God’s people walking through the Red Sea on dry land. Use heavy cardstock, folded in half. While the card is folded, cut 3 sets of parallel slits from the folded side (see picture A). Open the card; draw lines from each outside slit to the bottom corner of the card…

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Jars of Thankfulness

This activity is great for a small class or an entire ministry.  You need a few materials: Mason Jars                   Twine Burlap                           Assortment of Candy/ Fillers Scissors                       Ink Pad and Stamps Gift Tags Have the children fill the Jars.  You can pre-select the contents that each jar is to have, or allow the children to pick what goes into them.  Cut…

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circle me

Circle Me

          Everyone is uniquely made for a purpose.  Use circles to make miniature art that looks like you!  Craft requires three circle sizes: 2 small are for the ears; 1 medium for the neck; and 3 large for the face, hair, and shirt.  I suggest craft punches, die cuts, or patterns to trace and cut out. …

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Preschool Footprint Designs

          Place protective covering on the floor, and then tape in place a long piece of butcher paper on the protective covering.  Prepare a shallow pan of tempera paint and place it at one end of the paper.  Place a tub of sudsy water at the other end of the paper.  Invite children to take off…

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Float My Boat

          Provide a tub of water and several resources for crafting a boat that the kids think will be “seaworthy”.  Put out paper, Styrofoam cups, duct tape, foil, play clay, etc.  Test each vessel.  Do they trust their boat?  What is the most precious thing they would float in their boat without worrying?  The most precious…

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Tent Fun in Blocks

          Gather a flat bed sheet, blankets, or fabric; heavy cord; brown construction paper or small sticks and a flashlight.  Children love to build a tent and pretend. Use the materials provided to cover a table or several tables pushed together to create the structure of a tent.  Add items that may be used on a…

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ABCs for Teachers

I compiled a list of activities for teachers that can be used at any time with a minimum of preparation and resources. Sometimes a “quick” activity is needed to change plans, use extra time, or redirect a child’s choices. Activity Bonus Choices… for Teachers A rrange words (on sticky notes) to spell Bible verse. B uild with paper cups (various…

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Amazing Magnetic Maze

          Draw a pathway on the bottom of a box (boot boxes work great).  Make a starting line and a finish line.  Provide a magnet and a metal object such as a washer to move through the maze. (Consider gluing or taping an army man, a plastic bug, or something of that size)  If two magnets…

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